Residential Green Roof, Sheffield

A bespoke green roof, maintained by Green Estate Landscapes, retrofitted to an old extension. 

Residential Green Roof, early stages

Residential Green Roof, early stages


Green Estate installed this green roof in 2012 and has been maintaining it ever since. The green roof was retrofitted to a kitchen extension and garage roof, one of the smallest green roofs that we maintain at approximately 40 m2. The owner of the green roof is a valued customer who we have worked with ever since installation. The customer was keen for Green Estate to carry out the maintenance as this provided peace of mind that a trusted contractor with the correct knowledge and experience would be carrying out the annual tasks to a high standard.

Green Roof becoming established

Green Roof becoming established


The roof comprises a mix of low nutrient, drought tolerant species and provides a diverse community of flora for pollinators and long seasonal interest. A typical maintenance visit involves removing persistent weeds and grasses, as well as reducing highly competitive species to allow for other species to continue thriving, and translocating plants to improve vegetation coverage. Self-set trees are a particular issue on this roof due to the setting of the roof nearby to many mature trees. Ash and Sycamore in particular tend to root in the substrate so our team carefully remove tree saplings that can potentially cause damage if left unchecked.

Maintenance is Essential



Drainage channels are inspected and cleared as required to maintain the quality of the roof. Where required, low Nitrogen fertilisers are applied to ensure that vegetative cover remains healthy and full. These actions are essential for the continued thriving of the green roof and are recommended to be undertaken once annually as a minimum for intensive roofs and twice annually for extensive roofs.

Elspeth Yates