Meadow Creation


‘At the Forefront of New Approaches To Successful Urban Meadows’

Everyone has different ideas of what a meadow is and it is not always easy to know where to start. Green Estate Landscapes are here to help! Our team of meadow specialists, in partnership with Pictorial Meadows provide a complete service for successful meadows, offering on-site advice, consultancy reports and contracting quotes, assisting in the realisation of your dream meadow.

 We can offer quick fix high impact annual meadows or a designed perennial mixes using specialised sowing and management techniques. A beautiful perennial flower turf will solve the establishment problem where all the plant establishment work is done for you. Ask about our new perennial turf range.

With over 15 years’ experience creating meadows using pre designed mixes from our Pictorial Meadows seed company in many different locations across the UK; most of our customers return to us year on year and we are happy to have worked with people such as Rotherham Council, Trentham Estate, Nottingham Trent University, Housing Associations, Schools, Friends of Park Groups, Universities, Visitor Attractions and Private Landowners. and many private clients. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.


  • Site Appraisals
  • Bespoke Meadow Designs
  • Grow to Order Perennial Turf
  • Specialist Seed Supply
  • Ground Preparation and sowing
  • Meadow Management
  • Community & Education Activities

‘We wish to have Green Estate and Pictorial Meadows provide wildflower displays again, as last year’s displays were spectacular and very well received by the public.’
— Mark Yates. Coventry Council

Case Studies