A great use of perennials in public open space

Perennial wildflower planting with PM turf.JPG

The issue of trampling in areas of high foot traffic and invasion from surrounding grass and weeds has been overcome by careful design consideration. City Stadium Park Newcastle has a busy footpath which is in high daily use from both pedestrians and cyclist. Newcastle has shown how to enhance such an area with wildflower style perennial planting?

Timber and perennial flowers.JPG

The answer has come from Newcastle’s landscape architects who have successfully transformed a busy route through the park. The use of Pictorial Meadows designed perennial mixes and large timber rounds have worked well together.

Pictorial Meadows planting in a park .JPG

Timbers were installed deep into the ground at various upright angles prior to the planting. The planting was achieved very quickly within a day by use of pre-grown PM turf and delivered directly to site on pallets.

Bee in the meadow.JPG

The scheme runs along the centre of the tarmac footpath which gives a sense of visual continuity. It also means that the planting is contained in a relatively sterile environment helping to keep it clean and free from surrounding weed and grass invasion.

Meadows in a footpath.JPG

The visual appearance of the timbers emerging out of the flowers provides a striking and dynamic appearance along the length of the footpath. This not only compliments the look of the flowers but also provides a barrier to foot traffic and cyclists trampling over the plants.

Newcastle City Stadium Park timbers and plants.JPG

Small breaks in the planting allows for people to move either side of the path without having to cross over the flowers.

Dan Cornwell