Carrillion Square and Market Car Park Landscape Improvements


 After construction of The Square building in Sheffield City centre had been completed it became clear that the adjoining old Manor Street carpark was looking tired and derelict. The space had become overrun with anti-social behaviour with fly-tipping, graffiti, drug use, and was generally a space that the public would avoid. It was clear that a new public landscape space was needed for city centre users to enjoy.

Green Estate Landscaping was asked to provide a cost-effective solution for the space, something that would improve and enhance the old market car park and create a new and exciting, vibrant space for local office staff and city centre visitors to make use off.

Our experience in commercial landscaping projects meant that we were able to have the designs, materials, costs, programming of works along with all health and safety information was put into place prior to Green Estate Landscaping multi-skilled landscape building team taking possession of this very prominent city centre site.

…landscaping was looking good and please keep up the good work. It makes
the area look such a lot more attractive and pleasant to be in.
— Stephen Snook from Carillion PLC

We started the project with an extensive site survey to give us a full and detailed understanding of the issues around the site, including poor drainage, extensive hard surfacing, and a large amount of waste materials currently on site. Always with an eye on costs, we chose to break up the hard surfaces to allow for drainage but retain the materials on site to avoid additional removal costs. We also installed draining outlets to ensure that there was no water-logging on site.

When the timber hoardings around the site were removed, we had the opportunity to deliver further cost savings. Green Estate operation a timber recycling service, and all the timber hoardings were able to be recycled as part of this service, keeping the waste removal costs to an absolute minimum.

Groundworks were undertaken ensuring levels and edgings and new paths were put into place. Soft areas were graded and filled with a mix of topsoil and British standard PAS100 compost from Green Estate green waste compost recycling facility based in Sheffield.  The adjoining foot bridge was repainted to remove graffiti and enhance an access route into the site.

We put in place new lighting columns were to provide much improved lighting to the space during the evening and winter months, helping to make the site feel safer. A new industrial bin store was erected to serve the office buildings, new knee rails were put in and new grass turf was established along with bulb and meadow planting all helping to improve the visual aspect of the site.

The day the hording were taken down and the final site tidy completed it became clear that a dramatic transformation from a derelict site into a new public space had taken place. The new space was both visually inviting and felt safe for users to enjoy. The client was delighted with the results and went on to commission Green Estate Landscapes for a number of other projects.  


Elspeth Yates