Green roofs exploding with colour

Having had a good soaking for the first 4 month of the year, green roofs were as ready as any of us for some nice warm sunshine. The great weather over the bank holiday should be the little push many of the species needed to open their beautiful flower heads and release the goodness inside.

meadow green roof.JPG

Bees, butterflies and hover flies will come into their own over the next weeks and months. Collecting pollen and moving it to other areas to promoting the expansion of pollen rich plants.

The intentionally desert like nature of many green roofs often means that communities of plants from all over the world can have been used to increase robustness and lengthen flowering periods.  The extended flowering time is hugely beneficial for pollenating insects, especially in built-up urban settings where naturally occurring green space and flowers are limited.

Embrace the flowers and their army of pollinating servants.