Get your Green Roof Assessed NOW

Let talk roofs, green ones, to be precise.

Green roofs have had a hard time this winter, lots of snow and freezing conditions. The beast from the east didn't just damage roads and give us all a snow day or two. Although snow and ice shouldn’t have damaged your green roof, it will benefit from a bit of maintenance and care.


Intentionally vegetated roofs are very hardy and resistant to most weather conditions that the UK can through at them, but that doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from a bit of TLC at this time of year.  A little bit of care now should ensure your roof is looking it’s best and performing as it should for the summer.

A spring maintenance visit should include clearing of the gravel vegetation barriers at the edges and up-stands of the roof; visual inspection and removal of any undesirable plants; removal of any debris (it’s amazing what birds and the wind can bring onto a roof); and clearing of all the drainage outlets and gutters. If a fall arrest system is installed, the test schedule for that should be checked too.  

Annual meadow green roof

To give your roof a bit of extra colour for the summer, you could consider adding a little extra growing medium and sewing a pollinator friendly annual seed mix.

With all that done, your roof should be fit for another British summer!

Elspeth Yates